What to Expect

First Appointment

  • When we call you to arrange your first appointment, we will give you a date and time, as well as instructions on where to go.
  • You will meet a doctor who will do an ultrasound to determine the stage of your pregnancy. Do not pee in the hour before your first appointment, as this may interfere with the ultrasound. While you are waiting to see the doctor, you may be asked to fill out a short questionnaire to help us understand how we can help you.
  • The doctor will discuss your options with you.  If you decide to proceed with an abortion, the doctor will talk about whether a medical abortion or surgical abortion is most appropriate for you, and answer any questions that you have. You will also be asked questions about your health, medications, and allergies.
  • Next, you will meet a nurse practitioner.  The nurse practitioner will provide counseling about your decision. If you choose to continue with the pregnancy she will discuss arranging follow up prenatal care and ultrasound. If you choose adoption, she will connect you with the resources you need for this. If you choose abortion, she will discuss options for birth control for after the abortion.
  • You may be given antibiotics if you have had a recent infection or if you have not recently been tested for sexually transmitted infections.
  • If you choose to proceed with a surgical abortion, you will be given an appointment time for the following day and given instructions about when to stop eating.

Contact us to arrange an appointment